one rat two rat three rat four rat

Blog post was a thriving website where ppl would request for their neocities site to be added to a list to be seen by others! but now, it is reduced to a ratty mcrattington ratty man guy.. after going inactive for two years it is now thy holy speech of rat. praise thy rat or die as thy rat; dead and helpless. wanna die helpful? die not like a rat peesent!

ok so here's the actual truth yoylecakeeeeeeeeee

thy holy speak of rat blcoked??? sawed dood i may be moving stuff around fall crash all my fault

10/7/2023 at liek 2 AM update; districts with ONE MILLION VIEWS ON NEOCITIES, has been deleted. seems like the creator got depression and decided to go out with a bang with rats and shit! or HAX!!!! nonetheless, this page will stay up to kinda be all kool and for archivinglyness archivers who like seeing billy x mandy fanart recreation
update update still at 2 AM; website didnt get deleted :( neocities crashed